Most people do not know what a legal document preparer is, not to mention how or why you
would hire one. There are myriad reasons why you would want to hire a legal document preparer, but
they are most often utilized when you do not need specific advice and you generally know what
documents you want or need prepared. A legal document preparer will provide you with general
information only. They can prepare documents relating to many areas of law, while offering services at a
fraction of the price of an attorney.

Because in most states, there are many paralegals who work independently of an attorney, the
Arizona Supreme Court chose to take a proactive approach and to license individuals with both education
and experience in the legal field to help the public with legal documents. This allows the state to govern
the licensing of each person and set a criteria based on each individuals education as well as his or her
work experience in a law firm. Arizona saw the need for the general public to receive legal assistance
without having to incur the expense of an attorney, so on July 1, 2003, the Arizona Supreme Court
created the Certified Legal Document Preparer program in its effort to accommodate the public need for
affordable legal assistance. Once a person is qualified to sit for the exam, and upon its successful
completion, the licensed legal document preparer is able to assist the general public with the preparation
of legal documents. Each year, the legal document preparer is required to complete ten hours of
continuing education.

The Arizona Supreme Court website provides a complete list of all currently licensed legal
document preparers, as well as links to all of the rules and regulations governing the licensees.