Paralegal Consultants

Loray_Bassani_ParalegalParalegal Consultants, Inc. is an Arizona Certified Legal Document Preparer (CLDP), licensed by the Arizona Supreme Court to prepare legal documents for you without the involvement or expense of an attorney.  There are times when you may need an attorney, but there are many times when you won’t; that is when we can help you.

With over fifteen years experience providing assistance to clients in all aspects of estate planning and asset protection, Loray (Bassani) Walker can help ensure your family’s legacy will be passed on to those it is intended for, rather than those chosen by the courts.  Did you know that without any estate planning, the state will choose who get’s your hard earned money. We can assist in preparing your estate planning documents which can be a simple will or maybe a full estate planning package. Every family’s situation is different, and therefore we will work with you to prepare the highest quality documents, prepared specifically around you and your family’s personal needs.  All matters are confidential and will be handled with compassion and understanding.  We know that oftentimes difficult questions need to be addressed when making choices that will affect your family forever.

The information provided on this web site is for general information only. If you need legal advice, please consult an attorney. Paralegal Consultants, Inc. is an Arizona Certified Legal Document Preparer, certified by the Arizona Supreme Court. We are not an attorney nor employed by an attorney and therefore, we cannot provide legal advice, opinions, or recommendations to you. However, an LDP may provide general information pertaining to the documents being prepared on behalf of the client.
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